Thursday, January 20, 2011

Cheongsam Shoot

Here are the all the pictures from my previous photoshoot session which I did mention in my previous entry. Quality of pics are a little degraded when uploaded here. So do take a look at my flickr gallery instead if you want maximum quality, over here:

Here are the three lovely models for the day; Renee Hong, Sonia Ng and Shermaine Chow.


  1. hey kytz, since that u hav pro flickr account why dont you just link it over there to here?

  2. If you mean posting the pics from my flickr, then it's because I cant do "bordering" between pics well as I don't know HTML. So I did the old fashion way, combine 2 pics together using paint lol and upload here. Plus, I wanted the exact 900pixels(horizontal) so it can fit my blog width space ngam ngam haha.

    Ma fan right, got 3 places to upload: fb,blog and flickr @.@

  3. How many ISO u set for all pic?

  4. If not mistaken, all of them were set at ISO100 :)