Sunday, February 9, 2014

BenQ EW2440L 24" VA panel monitor short review

The BenQ EW2440L is the latest monitor offering from BenQ. This is a 24inch VA panel monitor which has a resolution of 1920x1080 and it is LED backlit. I'm quite picky when it comes to monitors but luckily this comes with a matte screen instead of glossy.

Thank you to BenQ Malaysia and goldfries for this review unit.

You can get the full specifications over here:

The packaging that comes with the monitor are as follow:

1) The monitor itself and the stand
2) Power cable with an adapter
3) VGA cable
4) MHL cable to connect to mobile devices

I'm a little disappointed that HDMI cable was not included as it is quite commonly used nowadays.

In terms of connection options, you have a

3) VGA
4) Power cable
5) Line in
6) Headphone jack

The amount of inputs/outputs is generous but DVI is not there.

There is also a dual speaker setup at the back of the monitor. The quality is decent for such small drivers, probably about the standard of a good laptop speaker. It is very convenient because you just need to use a HDMI cable to make use of the speakers, very handy for those who do not have or do not wish to setup speakers in order to listen to audio. Nice touch from BenQ...

The MHL-HDMI cable to connect your smartphones to the monitor is a nice feature when you have something display on your smartphone when it is much better viewed on a larger screen. There is a small dedicated stand for the phone just at the stand.

The menu system to navigate through all the settings is via touch sensitive buttons. The buttons are not tactile and it certainly isn't that user friendly. Definitely prefer real buttons here.

The first thing you would notice about the monitor when you power it on is the really thin bezels. It may not make a difference to the screen quality but it does really make the monitor look much "slimmer" and more attractive. I feel that it does equate into a more immersive experience when watching a move for example, or playing games.

One of the main features of the monitor is the flicker free display. Credits to Goldfries for his video.

Another main feature of the BenQ EW2440L is the option of reducing blue light. It is said to reduce strain to the eyes and for better health of the eye. Read more here:

And now here's the most important part, for me, as I'm a hobbyist photographer and editor, I place quite a lot of emphasis into colours.

I would be basing my judgement using the standard settings except for brightness settings.

The colours have a little cold White Balance (bluish) because there is a bluish/purplish tint on the screen. Thus, whites do not appear white, it's more of like bluish whites. Anyway, this is understandable because this monitor has not been properly colour calibrated as I no longer have the tool. Sadly without that, I won't be able to bring out the best of this monitor and also won't know the sRGB and AdobeRGB colour spac.

Out of the box, the colours are still nice for general picture viewing and media consumption but as for photo/video editing, I would like to stress that any uncalibrated monitor is unfit for such work especially when you are doing it to cari makan (meaning: your job depends on it). Generally for the normal user, the colours are alright and nice for the usual gaming, web surfing, picture viewing, etc.

As for the black levels, do not expect anything extraordinary from the VA panel. It is probably slightly better than my U2311H which is using an E-IPS panel. Here's the "glow" which you would commonly get with LCD screens. Picture is displaying a black wallpaper in a dark room (lights shut off). If you want something that displays black as pure black, instead of grey, you're better off waiting for those OLED monitors.

But if you are watching videos with the lights on, the black levels look good actually, seems better than my U2311H even though both have similar black levels.

Regarding backlight bleeding, I did not notice any. The backlight is quite uniform through out the panel, no bleeding from any corner/edge.

In conclusion, I found this monitor to be an interesting one especially when BenQ is trying to promote it as a "healthy" monitor and I really like the thin bezels. I think BenQ is going in the right direction with this monitor and I hope they can come out with more great things in the future!


  1. How is the sharpness of this monitor?

    1. Hi, it should be as sharp as any standard 24" 1080p monitor if you're asking about pixel density. Hope that answers your question! =)

  2. This person had mentioned that they couldn't pass Lagom sharpness tests (along with gamma issues). Pixel density should be the same as any other monitor, I agree.

    What is the actual measured size of the viewable area? Is it 24" diagonal or 23.6" ? Smaller (23.6") isn't bad since it's such a small difference. Just curious what the actual size is.

    1. Perhaps you can google it up but I think it's a 24" since I can tell that it's bigger than my 23" monitor

  3. I think they should ditch VGA and just include DVI + HDMI.

    1. I would think so too since DVI is a very popular connection option these days and I would definitely choose it over VGA any day =)

  4. The BenQ EW2440L is the latest monitor offering from BenQ. This is a ...

  5. I just bought this monitor few days ago,quite nice to use,but just wondering the hdmi-mhl cable does not work when it connects to my hp samsung galaxy note 2,the hp just no any responses and the monitor shows "hdmi no signal",what is the problem?TQ

  6. How aggressive is the anti-glare coating?