Thursday, December 29, 2011

2011 ends with a BANG!

A week after Comic Fiesta 2011, there was another event that I know I can't miss- DCIM 2011! Another great event to test out my gears, shoot models and also hang out with friends!

As you all might know, photographers love to attend such events because there's always photographic opportunity to shoot something nice.... especially the pretty models there :P

There was a mini studio set up inside with all the fancy lighting and stuff. Awesome thing is that we get to use the lightings to shoot the model over there! This shot was achieved by using 3 light sources. 2 softboxes from left and right and a lovely Beauty dish from the front.

Love the lighting! The uneven lighting on the white backdrop seems awkard at first, but somehow I kinda think it works! Well at least not the usual boring plain backgrounds you usually see from studio shoots :P

 I like how well the Demb Diffuser performs when it comes to shots involving more than one subject. It's really good at dispersing light so that all your subjects is lit up correctly and evenly.

Colours are nice and skin tone is spot on, partly attributed by the good optics of my Sigma 30mm f/1.4. The model is from EOS booth.

And also Goldfries was going to give a talk about "One light only" which sounds pretty interesting, so I knew I had to attend it. Not many people realize that one light can do wonders, most would think that those awesome shots come from multiple lighting system with elaborate setups here and there. But turns out you can also get a good shot with just ONE light...!

And there's this 'fashion' show happening during the fair itself, that is the Velocity Angel Model Search! And I couldn't wait to have my first taste of cat walk shooting :P

Shooting cat walk may seem easy but is ridiculously tough. First thing you need to do is get a good spot! Try to get as close to the stage as possible so that  you don't end up shooting the backs of other photogs.

Secondly, look out for eye contact! When the model looks at your direction or anywhere nearby just fire that shutter! Nothing is nicer than getting a well composed shot and also eye contact from the model!

 Love the expression of the model. It's like "I found you!!!" She wasn't looking directly at my camera, but it still look good though! LUCKY LUCKY LUCKY shotttt!!

 I like the lighting and mood in this shot! Or maybe because it's my own picture? Hahaha

You can find more shots in my flickr here:

Also, thanks Legend Lee for his 100mm f/2.8 macro lens! Couldn't have managed those shots without that superb lens. Super fast AF and sharp lens! *drools*

Before we left, we spotted this model showcasing the Fujifilm X100 if I'm not mistaken. Pretty gal =)

And I played with wireless flash! Always wanted to get that backlighitng, flare kind of effect! Lucky it turned out quite decently and way better than on camera flash alone.

What a nice event I attended. Got good shots, met some nice people there and more importantly I got to experience 3 new things which are

1) Cat walk shooting
2) Studio Shooting
3) Wireless flash backlighting effect

And also Happy New Year everyone!

p/s: As usual, you can view all my pictures in my flickr here:

Monday, December 26, 2011

Busy month of December

Indeed a busy months with many events to cover. First there was the colourful Comic Fiesta which is usually held at the end of every year. I don't really watch that many anime/manga so I was pretty blur as to what the characters are being cosplayed at the venue lol! I'm just there to cover the event and hopefully to get some good shots.

Cosplayers gathered outside of the Convention Centre near the Park area for photo taking sessions. Good move I should say as indoor lighting conditions might not be as favourable as natural lighting.

I'm also quite happy that my Sigma 30mm f/1.4 lens manages to capture really nice and vibrant colours. Pretty good contrast as well, sharpness is good especially when stopped down to about f/4 for more DOF, crucial for group shots

This time round, I got the chance to test out my new Demb Diffuser Pro and results seem pretty sweet. It gives out good bounce and also helps to spread out the light more evenly. Excellent for group shots.

And it started to drizzle. So, it's back to indoors.

 You might notice that the flash is slightly bluish right? That's because I didn't have any colour gel at that time and  realized the importance of one.

  Colour gels are used for balancing colour temp of flash with ambient White Balance. Most events have warm ambient colour temperature so if one were to use flash in such a situation, it would result in warm Background whereas the subject would be lit with a cold/bluish flash. This is of course pretty bad as there is an unbalanced of colour temperatures. Increasing WB temperature during PP is possible but your background will be overly warm. One way to prevent this from happening is to use orange colour gels. This will correct the colour of your flash to match the ambient colour temperature which is orange.

When I was walking around hunting for my next 'prey' I spotted this fellow!! The Villian from Scary Movie 1!

Was slightly intimidated by his look actually hahaha =D

Here are the rest of the pictures. You can find it here in my flickr =)