Thursday, December 30, 2010

Bukit Bintang Walk

Went out early today to do some street shooting around Bukit Bintang area with another friend of mine.I thought street photography was going to be fun and lotsa stuff to shoot but I turned out otherwise. Nothing to shoot at all in Bukit Bintang streets! Just people walking up and down the pavement. Waited for a while in anticipation of a "moment" but there wasn't any.Just groups of people walking up and down the pavement.

These are the only 2 shots worth posting here lol

After that got lazy already, and the hot weather wasn't helping either, so I went to Lowyat Plaza to look around camera shops there. Saw a lovely Sigma 50 f/1.4 in one of the shelves and managed to get the salesperson to let me "test" it. I remember indicating that I only wanted to "test" and not "test then buy" =D . He didn't have a display unit so he had to take out a brand new lens =.= . First impression, oh my that's one big and heavy lens! It was rubbery on the finish and build quality was pretty good for me, solid as well. The filter thread size is 77mm which is gonna cost hell of a lot of money for that huge size. Very very awesome first impression, got poisoned quite a bit actually =D But, when it comes to testing out the the image quality, it was very disappointing. The lens suffers from either very soft focus or back/front focusing issues which I tend to believe more, because of such issues I have heard from forums,reviews as such. Focusing was fast and silent though.

Here are the samples:

 After that walk walk around Farenheit88 and Pavillion and took some pictures: For the pic on the left, I noticed the chandeliers looked similar to that of one of heartpatrick's picture in his wedding photos. So yeah, the inspiration come from his shots =P

Pavillion is pretty much nicer now. Look at the beauty =D

Went to Pavillion food court for lunch.Stomache hungry, weather so hot so it's FOOD time!!

Crowded though even when it's only a weekday.

As you all know la, there are lots and lots of food over there. But this time, I'm going straight for the Sizzling section! Sizzling Chicken&Mushroom Yee Mee! It costs me  a good RM7.50 =) Put it down on the table,took out my DSLR and started shooting away. Bang Bang Bang the flash goes off multiple of times. Luckily I didn't get any fierce stares from anyone. Unfortunately most of the shots came out quite badly, most of them overexposed- I blame this on the inaccurate TTL of my Nissin Di622 hahahahaha .But only, had this picture to show laaaa =D

Coming back, dead tired, thought about the day. Street Photography ain't my thing. Or maybe perhaps Bukit Bintang was not a good place for it. I did some street shooting with lowyat forum kaki a few weeks back in Petaling Street, the results were nice =D I'll see how this goes in the future.

Too lazy to upload the Petaling Street pictures here.They are all here

Monday, December 27, 2010

Prime lens Awesomeness

Ah, after shooting a few events already(which i'm pretty grateful for the opportunities), I realized that a prime lens shouldn't always be shot wide open. I used to think that i should just spam away f/1.8 for bokehlicious shots and for the extra shutter speeds i get, but i then realized that most of the shots shot wide open are not that sharp. Stopping the aperture value down, will in fact increase the sharpness of the pictures you get. Don't ask me why is it so, but hearing from forums, it's the nature of lenses(most likely physics =,=) which I actually agree after looking through tons of pictures in Lightroom 3. The results were staggering. Oh and also to note that, normally when people compare sharpness, they usually use comparisons between different lenses/apertures using 100% crop

I've done a non scientific based experiment of the relation between sharpness/image quality and apertures.

Here's are 100% crops. Focus was on the letter "F".

ISO was constant @ISO1600. As you can notice, the higher the aperture value, the sharper the image is.

Here's a sample picture which i shot during the Comic Fiesta@Berjaya Time Square Hotel recently.Sharp don't ya think? =) I shot it @f/2.8

100% crop:

Rest of the pictures here:

Friday, December 10, 2010

Stuffs i got

Woke up the other morning to the sound of the ringing bell. I knew it, the Postman!Sprinted to the backdoor only to find him handing over my dad's stuffs. I thought where was mine? Then, mum told me it's already in my room! Wow and I didn't even realize that. Thanks mum! =D

Here is what I got.Pretty self explanatory haha

Cost me a nice RM260 for that.I've been wanting this for quite sometime already because now my DSLR has a better grip, it adds weight which is good for me because the 550D is kinda light actually, and the most important thing, you can do portrait shooting without having to bend your arms now. You'll definitely feel the strain a bit after shooting for a while. Now none of that anymore! Bought from this guy, nice and fast seller although i needed to wait an extra day earlier do to public holiday on Tuesday

And earlier i did get my Eneloops from a lowyat forumer at 1Utama. Seems like a nice fella, but didn't manage to talk much as i needed to go back early.Design is nice for me albeit being a bit plain, but inside it's one hell of a powerful thing. Lasted me more than 300+ shots a few days back shooting at KLIMS again. I reckon it could last much more than that, probably around 500+ shots. Great little investment because i'm expecting to use it for a few years to come =)

I've got everything that i needed already. Note the word "needed", it's far different from the word "wanted" as i really needed a flashgun, for event shooting like the KLIMS,Digital Lifestyle Exhibition(DLE),upcoming Comic Fiesta(CF) and future activities. And yes, that includes Battery Grip as well.So yeah, i've pretty much got everything checked, a nice 550D body, 18-55 lens for versatility, 50mm f/1.8 lens for low light awesomeness+bokeh, a nice BG+Flashgun for current and future photography activities, essential batteries and a nice "fake" Crumpler 6MDH to keep them all =D.If for "want" leh, the list can go on and on. For now, i "want" a Sigma 30mm f/1.4 lens.It's a really nice lens, sharp even at wide open and the image quality is superb.The 30mm is very handy as 50mm on crop sensor( around 80 on FF) is too tight-you need to step quite a bit.And that f/1.4 is better than the f/1.8 that i have in the "nifty fifty" for bokehlicious pictures.

 Here's the setup heh.Looks "pro" eh..unfortunately not for my skills =( Need to learn more about flash photography.It's just so hard to learn how to balance the light, how much to compensate, angles to which it works best,etc etc.


And i actually found out why my flashgun wasn't able to secure tightly to my hot shoe, and periodically i need to push it back and screw it on. It's because the screw ring on the flashgun mount has worn off- to the extent that it couldn't secure tightly to my hot shoe.Meh... cheap stuff from Nissin. The mount+screw ring is the most important part of the flashgun and you can't do a good job making sure of the quality of it.I've just used it for like 2 days and it's already that worn out.No i don't have pictures to prove it now because i already exchanged it for a newer Mark 2 version with a little top up because they're not selling the old version anymore =.=. Same thing, there's a dent on the screw ring after just tightening it tightly ONE time. Decided to give up already, and won't tighten it so tightly anymore. I always thought flashgun mount must be very tightly screwed onto the hot shoe, no? I blame Nissin for their poor quality,just fot the mount only, as the flashgun works well, won't comment much on the E-TTL accuracy/consistency as i don't have much experience yet with it. I need a metal mount of the Canon Speedlite 430EXII .It's using the lock-unlock mechanism which is excellent. But i won't comment much lar because the Canon Speedlite costs around RM1.1k while the Nissin is just a mere RM400.Totally different price range =)

Oh yea, let me post some update photos on what i shot during my second trip. Got some much better shots this time especially the lighting part. Rest of the entries can be found here in my flickr or click the my photostream on the right,

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Going to be an exciting week

This is going to a great week! I bought a nice 3rd Party Battery Grip(Phottix) and a battery for my 550D.And some Eneloops to be used for my flashgun. I've always wanted to get a BG because portrait shooting will be much easier having not to bend your arm to take such shots, and also a Battery Grip can store 2 batteries which means you can shoot much longer now? I took around 300+ RAW shots during the recent Kuala Lumpur International Motor Show 2010 and the battery bar didn't even drop! Imagine how many shots i can get with 2 batteries fully charged?

Eneloops! Heard about this brand before i just got my DSLR. It isn't cheap by the way....around RM55 for a pack of 4 rechargeable batteries. It's supposed to be very good, and can last a long time and even after 3 years, it's supposedly able to retain 75% of it's original capacity. So yeah, I got a pack for my flashgun so that when going for event shooting, I know it'll be able to last the entire day with that super high 2000 mAh charge capacity.View here for more details:

Oh forgot to mention, you can get it off Lowyat forums through Garage Sales section. Tons of stuff there, cheaper than shops you get in KL.Check it out..

I'll be getting the batteries tomorrow morning when I COD with the seller,opted out postage because i wanted to get it quickly LOL. Hopefully my BG will be arriving tomorrow also,but it's a Public yeah..might have to wait until Wednesday =( By Wednesday night, i should have all my gears prepared already for Thurday's trip to KLIMS again =D This time fully equiped with a EOS 550D attached with BG and 2 batteries + 50 f/1.8 lens+ 18-55 IS+ Nissin Di622 with Eneloops =) I'll be using the 50mm lens most of the time due to the wide aperture of f/1.8 which gives me a lot of more stops of shutter speed compared to the 18-55 which i can only get f/3.5 to f/5.6 . Plus, this lens gives you shallow Depth Of Field or better known as "Bokeh" which isolates the subject by blurring the background. Examples of shots that i took during my first KLIMS trip:

And the rest of my entries are in the right side column in my flickr. Do comment and critique where ever needed =)

Then there's the Digital IT Lifestyle going on in the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre(KLCC) from 10-12 Dec. Will definitely go this Friday to get more experience using my flashgun. The E-TTL of the Nissin isn't that accurate from what i tried so far, sometimes giving overexposed or underexposed pictures. It doesn't fire at times when it's ready(indicated by the green colour) and also it doesn't secure tightly to my hot shoe even after tightening it tightly. So many complains just after 1 trip with it eh..? That's why I'm giving it another go for this week, during the IT Lifestyle and yeah.... Saturday's street shooting with Lowyat forum Photography kaki, definitely won't miss this as I've never been to a TT session before and I've always wanted to try out some nice and lovely L lenses

So yeah...I think that's about it for this week. Might be tiring a bit but hopefully full of fun indeed!

Monday, December 6, 2010

A new beginning first blog post! A new avenue for me to rant on what I feel, what I do and most importantly, a diary for my life =)

What am I going to post on? Most likely about photography.It's my new and serious hobby after having so many other hobbies which I didn't take up anymore down the years. Why do I call it "serious" ? It's because I broke the bank a couple of weeks ago when I got myself a nice Canon EOS 550D with a 50mm f/1.8 lens and some other accessories. That whole set cost me quite a lot, and also considering I am still a student means that I am not getting any income to cover for it. So yeah, gotta start counting every penny I spend and maybe start skipping lunches =.=

Ain't gonna write anymore, so I'll just leave it like this. A picture to celebrate my new blog lol..titled " A new day, a new beginning"