Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Back to landscapes again!

Didn't update my blog in like ages already because I'm damn blardy lazy to write a lot and not too good at writting either hahaha

But anyway, about a month ago or so, I organized a landscape outing to Kuala Lukut with several of my friends, most of them being lowyat.net forum members. Had always wanted to come to this place after seeing some pretty breathtaking landscape pictures from landscape photographer, Melvin Tong who's work I admire a lot.

We had great fun during the trip, got my legs messy as the shooting spot was super muddy, got some cuts on my legs and my t shirt and pants dirty. What a day! But at least I got back with a keeper.

LOL yes, landscape outings ain't like portraiture shoots where you can get like 20+ keepers in just a 2 hour shoot. You're lucky if you can get like 3-4 shots for one session of landscape outing. That's why landscape photography is a field of photography that requires a lot of patience and timing. Many well known photographers like Mr Liew Wk make many trips to landscape locations just to get that one great shot, with the perfect weather condition and the correct tide (seascape) and just the right, dramatic clouds. So yeah, landscape photography isn't something that you can get it right the first time you attempt on it. So, there's no need to be really feel down if you don't get keepers on your first try! :)

As you can see, it was very low tide! High tide was probably around 8-9pm so yeah we got it wrong. Perhaps towards the end of the year, we can expect higher tide at around 5-6pm or so.

And for the picture above, I have to apologize because I didn't quite apply hyperfocal rule especially when you need to have the foreground and background to be in focus. I was quite blur that day as I totally forgot about the rule.

A shot of my friend as he was shooting the sunset towards the right. I personally like this shot a lot, maybe I'll try to do such shots more in the future :P

And that's probably it hahaha. Few weeks later, my friend and I went to KLCC to capture the Twin Towers. It's mostly to teach my friend (in the picture above) about the basics of operating a DSLR and the functions of each element, as he's still pretty new to the DSLR world.

I brought along everything but when we reached there I noticed I forgot my tripod head. FML

So, I had to rush back to my house (about 15 minutes away), endure the traffic jam on the way and take back the tripod head. FML

We were lucky that the lights of Suria KLCC were still on when we were there around 11.30pm. It's reported to off the lights at around 12am. So we started shooting.

And that's all for that day.

And just the last weekend, I attended a Landscape workshop by Mr Liew. He started off by showing a slideshow, teaching about the basics of photography which were aperture, shutter speed, hyperfocal length, basic compositions&ideas, and many more. And after that, we all proceeded to Pantai Jeram for a sunset shoot. It was originally planned for the shoot to be held at Sekinchan but the place had to undergo replantation and thus, the venue had to be changed. Another muddy trip! Unfortunately no, as there's really no need to go into the mud, though I would love to if it is well worth it!

Took quite a few shots, mostly just to play around with the composition. Bracketed most of my shots, but in the end didn't use them at all. Here's what I got:

So yeah, I'm pretty satisfied with what I got here. Using a Ultra Wide Angle lens, I'm able to exaggerate perspective by making the bridge as if it were really big and long. But in reality, it's a bloody tiny bridge! hahahaha!

Back to PC Fair 2012 again

This time round, it's not really to take pictures but more to meeting up with friends. But take lah, since it's quite the trend nowadays. And I believe there are lots of people online who love to see them hahaha :P

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