Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Joe and Carmen Actual Wedding Day

Had another opportunity to shoot an actual wedding day, this time it's Joe and Carmen's very special day. Thanks Daniel and Edwin for the opportunity to shoot alongside you guys and thanks Joe and Carmen for the chance to capture some pictures of your very special once in a lifetime day :)

p/s: The entire album was shot with a Canon 60D with a Tamron 17-50 f/2.8 non VC and a Canon 580EXII speedlite.

The usual thing for all actual wedding day shoots for photographers, getting up super early at around 5.30am, getting ready the gears, have a shower and off to the bride groom's place. Brought along my trusty Canon 60D, Tamron 17-50 f/2.8 non VC, Sigma 10-20 f/4-5.6 HSM and the Canon 580EXII speedlite. We were also a bit rushing so we didn't have any breakfast but we did manage to grab some food at the groom's place :P

So when we reached the Joe's house, we didn't waste much time and started shooting away. Saw these cute soft toys and was intrigued by all the nice details on them. This shot was taken with flash, diffused and slightly bounced by the walls around the soft toys, which in return creates a soft light on the subject.

After Joe changed into his suit, then there was the tea ceremony. The mum looked pretty energetic in the morning but did seem a little emotional when being served tea by her son. Understandable yeah :D

Joe was all prepared in the car to depart to the bride's house. Managed to capture this shot of him when he was looking back at his mum (reflection on the left) just before the car was about to leave. His expression was like he was telling his mum... "Wish me luck!". 

It was long journey, close to 2 hours from Cheras to Melaka, to Carmen's house. But it was well worth it when we were greeted by ever cheerful and smiling bridesmaids. I wonder why? Perhaps they're giggling as to what the best men are to face in the gate crashing activities! :D

Oh heres one! Super thick and concentrated syrup....I believe it's rose! And you have to drink all of them! Poor best men! :D

I'm not exactly sure what happened here. If I remember correctly, that's a menu with multiple food packages with different monetary values or something. They would have to satisfy the bridesmaids requests or face the next wrath! :D 

Bridesmaids seemed to have gotten what they want. Busy counting their loot hahaha

And this is a really funny part. The "hengdais" aka best men, one of them were forced to wear a skirt! Not only that, he has to copy a dance style according to what is drawn in a paper!

Final stage of the games. Apparently one of them has to sing a song~

Bridesmaids posing together with beautiful Carmen. Flash head positioned on top for bouncing off the ceiling with a diffuser, aperture set at around f/4 to get sufficient Depth of Field.

This is the fun part, I'm experimenting with close up shots for the tea ceremony. Wide shots are good to show who are serving/being served tea but as the background is usually very busy and distracting, I don't really fancy them. Close up shots with wide apertures enable the background to be blured to a certain amount while the subject is in sharp focus. Helps a lot to emphasize subject matter in a picture should there be many other elements that might divert the viewer's attention away

Some fun group shots here. Note to self: Could have posed them more (pose by Daniel Sim)

And the final part before the bride and bride groom goes to the car and leaves the house. Brides maids would throw leaves as the bride and groom walk to the car. This would make a nice scene if taken properly. I turned on my burst mode and fired a sequence of shots continuously at 5.3fps. Got a keeper out of those 3-4 shots. I love 60D :D

And after that our job was done, me and Edwin had something to eat before going back. What a tiring day but I guess it was all well worth it considering we managed to come out with some decent pictures. Thanks again to the Joe and Carmen for the opportunity of capturing your special day!

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