Thursday, December 30, 2010

Bukit Bintang Walk

Went out early today to do some street shooting around Bukit Bintang area with another friend of mine.I thought street photography was going to be fun and lotsa stuff to shoot but I turned out otherwise. Nothing to shoot at all in Bukit Bintang streets! Just people walking up and down the pavement. Waited for a while in anticipation of a "moment" but there wasn't any.Just groups of people walking up and down the pavement.

These are the only 2 shots worth posting here lol

After that got lazy already, and the hot weather wasn't helping either, so I went to Lowyat Plaza to look around camera shops there. Saw a lovely Sigma 50 f/1.4 in one of the shelves and managed to get the salesperson to let me "test" it. I remember indicating that I only wanted to "test" and not "test then buy" =D . He didn't have a display unit so he had to take out a brand new lens =.= . First impression, oh my that's one big and heavy lens! It was rubbery on the finish and build quality was pretty good for me, solid as well. The filter thread size is 77mm which is gonna cost hell of a lot of money for that huge size. Very very awesome first impression, got poisoned quite a bit actually =D But, when it comes to testing out the the image quality, it was very disappointing. The lens suffers from either very soft focus or back/front focusing issues which I tend to believe more, because of such issues I have heard from forums,reviews as such. Focusing was fast and silent though.

Here are the samples:

 After that walk walk around Farenheit88 and Pavillion and took some pictures: For the pic on the left, I noticed the chandeliers looked similar to that of one of heartpatrick's picture in his wedding photos. So yeah, the inspiration come from his shots =P

Pavillion is pretty much nicer now. Look at the beauty =D

Went to Pavillion food court for lunch.Stomache hungry, weather so hot so it's FOOD time!!

Crowded though even when it's only a weekday.

As you all know la, there are lots and lots of food over there. But this time, I'm going straight for the Sizzling section! Sizzling Chicken&Mushroom Yee Mee! It costs me  a good RM7.50 =) Put it down on the table,took out my DSLR and started shooting away. Bang Bang Bang the flash goes off multiple of times. Luckily I didn't get any fierce stares from anyone. Unfortunately most of the shots came out quite badly, most of them overexposed- I blame this on the inaccurate TTL of my Nissin Di622 hahahahaha .But only, had this picture to show laaaa =D

Coming back, dead tired, thought about the day. Street Photography ain't my thing. Or maybe perhaps Bukit Bintang was not a good place for it. I did some street shooting with lowyat forum kaki a few weeks back in Petaling Street, the results were nice =D I'll see how this goes in the future.

Too lazy to upload the Petaling Street pictures here.They are all here

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