Monday, December 27, 2010

Prime lens Awesomeness

Ah, after shooting a few events already(which i'm pretty grateful for the opportunities), I realized that a prime lens shouldn't always be shot wide open. I used to think that i should just spam away f/1.8 for bokehlicious shots and for the extra shutter speeds i get, but i then realized that most of the shots shot wide open are not that sharp. Stopping the aperture value down, will in fact increase the sharpness of the pictures you get. Don't ask me why is it so, but hearing from forums, it's the nature of lenses(most likely physics =,=) which I actually agree after looking through tons of pictures in Lightroom 3. The results were staggering. Oh and also to note that, normally when people compare sharpness, they usually use comparisons between different lenses/apertures using 100% crop

I've done a non scientific based experiment of the relation between sharpness/image quality and apertures.

Here's are 100% crops. Focus was on the letter "F".

ISO was constant @ISO1600. As you can notice, the higher the aperture value, the sharper the image is.

Here's a sample picture which i shot during the Comic Fiesta@Berjaya Time Square Hotel recently.Sharp don't ya think? =) I shot it @f/2.8

100% crop:

Rest of the pictures here:

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