Friday, December 10, 2010

Stuffs i got

Woke up the other morning to the sound of the ringing bell. I knew it, the Postman!Sprinted to the backdoor only to find him handing over my dad's stuffs. I thought where was mine? Then, mum told me it's already in my room! Wow and I didn't even realize that. Thanks mum! =D

Here is what I got.Pretty self explanatory haha

Cost me a nice RM260 for that.I've been wanting this for quite sometime already because now my DSLR has a better grip, it adds weight which is good for me because the 550D is kinda light actually, and the most important thing, you can do portrait shooting without having to bend your arms now. You'll definitely feel the strain a bit after shooting for a while. Now none of that anymore! Bought from this guy, nice and fast seller although i needed to wait an extra day earlier do to public holiday on Tuesday

And earlier i did get my Eneloops from a lowyat forumer at 1Utama. Seems like a nice fella, but didn't manage to talk much as i needed to go back early.Design is nice for me albeit being a bit plain, but inside it's one hell of a powerful thing. Lasted me more than 300+ shots a few days back shooting at KLIMS again. I reckon it could last much more than that, probably around 500+ shots. Great little investment because i'm expecting to use it for a few years to come =)

I've got everything that i needed already. Note the word "needed", it's far different from the word "wanted" as i really needed a flashgun, for event shooting like the KLIMS,Digital Lifestyle Exhibition(DLE),upcoming Comic Fiesta(CF) and future activities. And yes, that includes Battery Grip as well.So yeah, i've pretty much got everything checked, a nice 550D body, 18-55 lens for versatility, 50mm f/1.8 lens for low light awesomeness+bokeh, a nice BG+Flashgun for current and future photography activities, essential batteries and a nice "fake" Crumpler 6MDH to keep them all =D.If for "want" leh, the list can go on and on. For now, i "want" a Sigma 30mm f/1.4 lens.It's a really nice lens, sharp even at wide open and the image quality is superb.The 30mm is very handy as 50mm on crop sensor( around 80 on FF) is too tight-you need to step quite a bit.And that f/1.4 is better than the f/1.8 that i have in the "nifty fifty" for bokehlicious pictures.

 Here's the setup heh.Looks "pro" eh..unfortunately not for my skills =( Need to learn more about flash photography.It's just so hard to learn how to balance the light, how much to compensate, angles to which it works best,etc etc.


And i actually found out why my flashgun wasn't able to secure tightly to my hot shoe, and periodically i need to push it back and screw it on. It's because the screw ring on the flashgun mount has worn off- to the extent that it couldn't secure tightly to my hot shoe.Meh... cheap stuff from Nissin. The mount+screw ring is the most important part of the flashgun and you can't do a good job making sure of the quality of it.I've just used it for like 2 days and it's already that worn out.No i don't have pictures to prove it now because i already exchanged it for a newer Mark 2 version with a little top up because they're not selling the old version anymore =.=. Same thing, there's a dent on the screw ring after just tightening it tightly ONE time. Decided to give up already, and won't tighten it so tightly anymore. I always thought flashgun mount must be very tightly screwed onto the hot shoe, no? I blame Nissin for their poor quality,just fot the mount only, as the flashgun works well, won't comment much on the E-TTL accuracy/consistency as i don't have much experience yet with it. I need a metal mount of the Canon Speedlite 430EXII .It's using the lock-unlock mechanism which is excellent. But i won't comment much lar because the Canon Speedlite costs around RM1.1k while the Nissin is just a mere RM400.Totally different price range =)

Oh yea, let me post some update photos on what i shot during my second trip. Got some much better shots this time especially the lighting part. Rest of the entries can be found here in my flickr or click the my photostream on the right,

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